Greening our streets

In Autumn/Winter 2023/4 we began new projects to not only add trees into existing green spaces but to make a start on spreading some green into tree depleted streets.

So far there is just one pilot project underway in our local area. We have identified 10 almost treeless streets on the Beeston Fields Estate. We have prepared flyers and are delivering them to every house offering free trees and the planting of them to the residents.

Given the size of gardens in the area, the trees would need to be smaller rooted varieties such as hawthorn, guelder rose, silver birch, holly and rowan. We are suggesting that the residents choose an arrangement of two or three saplings in a corner of their front garden near the street.

If you spot an area near you that is very tree depleted (in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Leicestershire for now), please tell us via the Contact form.