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For the third year in autumn 2023 we collected and extracted seeds from 21 species of native trees. We have made up small packets of 15-20 seeds of each type and we are looking for tree guardians to plant them and make their own mini nurseries. The idea is that our guardians plant the seeds in pots and nurture the saplings for 2 years or until the saplings are a minimum of 30 cm high. They then bring their saplings along to one of our planting sessions and plant them out themselves. The hope is that when people know the location of their nurtured trees, they continue the connection and continue to water and nurture the trees into the future. At present we are only organizing planting in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Most guardians choose to take a selection of different seeds. We have Alder, Alder Buckthorn, Ash, Beech, Bird Cherry, Blackthorn, Broom, Common Buckthorn, Crabapple, Elder, Field Maple, Guelder Rose, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Hornbeam, Rowan, Silver Birch, Scotts pine, Wild Rose and Yew. With an average of 40% germination rate there is no guarantee of success but hopefully if you take a selection, something will come up. Some tree seeds can take up to 4 years to germinate and unfortunately some don’t germinate at all. Please use the Contact Us form to request the seed selection that you would like (or just random selection) and give us an address where you would like your seeds to be sent. Please consider making a donation for this service as a lot of time and effort has gone into collecting, extracting and packaging the seeds

We also encourage our members to rescue any self-seeded native trees that are growing in unwanted places, in your lawn or your flowerbed, in between slabs on your drive or in your herb pots. Pop them in a pot when small and add them to your nursery.


Canopy 2050 is a non-profit organization so we do not sell the seeds but any donation would be very much appreciated. As you can appreciate a lot of time, effort and some resources go into collecting, extracting, drying, sorting, packaging and sending seeds to our guardians. In order for us to continue our work, please consider making a donation if you are requesting a seed delivery.

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