About us

Our mission is, as a community, to help our local councils to increase the urban tree canopy.

We collaborate with individuals and groups to collect, extract and distribute native tree seeds. We help people establish their mini nurseries and we organize planting sites for people to plant the saplings they have nurtured.

We offer free trees and the planting of them in targeted tree depleted streets. We hold workshops, talks and make educational videos on all subjects related to trees.

Canopy 2050 was started and is run by a small core group of volunteers in Nottingham and hundreds of tree guardians with mini tree nurseries in the surrounding area.

Our Impact

  • 500 mini tree nurseries in peoples’ gardens and allotments
  • 1000+ trees grown and planted by our guardians since 2021
  • 5 areas of woodland created

Our Values

  • We strive to plant as many trees as possible in our urban neighbourhoods.
  • We strive to give people a sense of purpose and involvement in the fight against climate change.
  • We want to share the wonderful experience of growing trees.
  • We want to help our local councils meet tree planting targets.
  • We want to increase biodiversity in our urban neighbourhoods.

Canopy 2050 timeline

3rd February 2024

Tree planting at The Field, Strelley. 22 volunteers planted 260 trees in the Field, a wilding and eco education project in Nottinghamshire.

20th January 2024

Tree planting at Archers Field, Stapleford. 5 volunteers added 55 home grown trees to a copse prepared and planted by Broxtowe Borough council.

18th January 2024

Tree planting at Archers Field, Stapleford on the coldest day of year 🥶. 4 volunteers added 50 trees to a copse prepared and planted by Broxtowe Borough council. The session was formally opened by the Deputy Mayor and attended by school children from the George Spencer school.

13th January 2024

Bulb planting in the morning at Pitt Lane, Stapleford and in the afternoon at Crow Hill, Bramcote Hills Park. 10 volunteers planted 500 daffodil and 500 bluebell bulbs in our newly planted woodland copse’s. Bulbs provided by Broxtowe Borough Council.

9th December 2023

Stall at the low cost Christmas Market organized by The Nottingham Forager and hosted by The New Foresters pub, Nottingham.

2nd December 2023

Tree planting at Pitt Lane, Stapleford. 3 Volunteers, 20 trees planted.

25th November 2023

Seed Extraction workshop – Tree guardians came together to process some of the tree seeds collected in the last months. Seeds were soaked and extracted from berries from Alder Buckthorn, Common Buckthorn, Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Yew. Seeds were squeezed from Holly and Rowan berries and Crabapples. Seeds were separated from stalks and wings from Large leafed lime, Hornbeam, Field Maple and Ash. Seeds were harvested from cones and pods from Broom, Beech Alder and Scots Pine. It was a great day of working together, sharing stories and a lovely vegan chilli lunch.

18th November 2023

Planting at project ‘Rewilding Crow Hill’ Bramcote Hills Park, Bramcote, Nottingham. Tree guardians brought their tree along to plant, event attended by 11 guardians, 110 trees planted.

7th November 2023

Seed Collecting on the Bramcote Ridge – 3 volunteers, mainly after Common Buckthorn and Crab Apple from this site.

5th November 2023

Seed Collecting in the Hetley Pearson Recreation Ground – 7 Volunteers collected hornbeam, silver birch, alder buckthorn, field maple, blackthorn, hawthorn and rosehip.

2nd November 2023

Seed Collecting in Attenborough Nature Reserve – 2 Volunteers on a cold and rainy Thursday afternoon collected hawthorn, blackthorn, alder rosehip and field maple.

1st November 2023

Stand at the Bramcote Christmas Craft Fair.

9th October 2023

Evening talk on Canopy 2050 at the Bramcote Women’s Institute.

26th September 2023

CANOPY 2050 CIC officially registered with Companies House

23rd September 2023

Stand at the Broxtowe Green Festival, Eastwood.

14th September 2023

Stand at the Beeston Heritage Society.

10th September 2023

Stand at the Nottingham Green Festival

29th July 2023

Stand at the Bennersley Viaduct Open Day

3rd June 2023

Stand at the Hemlock Happening

10th May 2023

Received the Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition.

Spring 2023

Stand at Beeston Chiropractors 30 year anniversary event.

12th March 2023

Planting at Pitt Lane, Stapleford

4th March 2023

Planting at Crow Hill, 10 volunteers, 50 trees planted.

Autumn 2022

6 planting locations, Pitt Lane, Stapleford (300 trees planted).

10 seed collecting forays.

5th September 2022

Stand at the Mayors’ Fayre, Middle Street Resource Centre, Beeston.

6th August 2022

Stand at Broxtowe Green Festival, Stapleford.

Spring/Summer 2022

Stands at Broxtowe Green Festival at Colliers Wood, Grove Allotments, Sea Scouts plant sale, Notts Wildlife Trust event, Attenborough.

28th October 2022

Autumn 2021 planting, 10 volunteers, 50 trees planted. Mayor of Broxtowe attended.

Spring 2021

1st planting, 5 volunteers, 17 trees planted at the Hetley Pearson Recreation Ground.

Canopy 2050 started as a Community group

Autumn 2020

The seed was sown. The idea of Canopy 2050 was born with acorn collecting on a walk in the Bramcote Ridge nature reserve.