Who we are

Our mission is, as a community, to help our local councils to increase the urban tree canopy.

We collaborate with individuals and groups to collect, extract and distribute native tree seeds. We help people establish their mini nurseries and we organize planting sites for people to plant the saplings they have nurtured. We offer free trees and the planting of them in targeted tree depleted streets. We hold workshops, talks and make educational videos on all subjects related to trees.

Our impact

500 mini tree nurseries in peoples’ gardens and allotments
1000+ trees grown and planted by our guardians since 2021
5 areas of woodland created

Our values

We strive to plant as many trees as possible in our urban neighbourhoods.

We strive to give people a sense of purpose and involvement in the fight against climate change.

We want to share the wonderful experience of growing trees.

We want to help our local councils meet tree planting targets.

We want to increase biodiversity in our urban neighbourhoods.

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Why are trees so cool?

There are literally so many reasons why we need to plant more trees, we don’t know where to start. But we have to start somewhere so…

  • Trees are beautiful and improve our mood and mental health.
  • Trees clean the air of pollutants.
  • Trees absorb noise pollution and mask the sounds of city life.
  • Trees capture carbon from the atmosphere and are an important part of climate emergency mitigation.
  • Trees provide habitat for small creatures and food for birds.
  • Trees provide welcome shade on sunny days and cool the air around them.
  • Trees protect us from strong winds.
  • Trees soak up excess ground water.
  • Trees can provide us with wood.
  • Trees provide shelter.
  • Trees allow for wildlife corridors.
  • Trees talk to each other.

Supporter comments

“It is a great project, it has been really satisfying to see all the seedlings coming up in the spring and I have enjoyed seeing them grow. Was lovely to go out planting saplings and collecting seeds with my son and a group of like minded people. It feels like I’m making a small but tangible contribution to improving the environment in our local area. It is an interesting thought that some of my seedlings might still be around in hundreds of years!”

Claire from Wollaton

“I passionately believe in the UK needing to plant more trees and hedges, not just for carbon capture, but helping our wildlife. Instead of just giving money to organisations for other people to plant trees, I am pleased I can contribute by growing and looking after saplings in my garden. I also like to fact that this project is local to where I live, so that in the future I will be able to see my saplings growing and showing them to my grandchildren!”

Ingrid from Beeston

“I was delighted to find out about Helene’s wonderful project and to be able to get involved. She makes it so easy to become a tree guardian and I was amazed and pleased to see little saplings start to grow in my pots. Not having any experience at growing things from seed I wasn’t expecting to be successful but it has been and that’s been great. Recently I was able to plant some trees out and look forward to visiting them to see their progress. I am so glad to contribute something to the well-being of people, other creatures and the earth.”

Margaret from Beeston

I adopted about 20 sprouting acorns near the start of the project or which 15 are now in Bramcote Hills park. Now I have 15 Buckthorn, 5 Blackthorn, 1 Alder and some guelder rose thinking about it along with lots of seeds waiting to germinate. At 76, it is great to think that well after I’m gone, there will be mature trees around Nottingham because I nurtured them.

Connie from Beeston

I find it rewarding, its pretty cool to watch the little tree grow in my garden and become strong enough to go into the world and be planted. Its a really proud and exiting moment”

Chantel from Stepleford